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  Geotechnical Instrumentation

The engineering practice of geotechnical instrumentation involves a strong bondage between the capabilities of measuring instruments and the capabilities of engineers. There are two general categories of measuring instruments. First category is to use in situ, to determine the soil and rock properties i.e. permeability, compressibility and strength etc during design phase of the project. The second category is to monitor the performance, normally during construction phase of the project that may involve groundwater pressure measurement, stresses, deformation, load or strain etc. For major projects, an automatic data acquisition system helps in Real-Time Monitoring, Alert System and making the right decision which has impact on site safety.

We are equally experienced in designing instrumentation at designing stage and monitoring performance during construction phase. Our team is capable in the following type of geotechnical instrumentation.

  • Vibratory Wire Piezometers/Standpipe Piezometers
  • Settlement Cells
  • Slope Inclinometers (SI)
  • In-Place Inclinometers (IPI)
  • Shape Accel Array (SAA)

  • Vibratory Wire Piezometers/Standpipe Piezometers: Piezometers are used to monitor the pore water pressures, which help engineers to determine initial site conditions, monitoring the effectiveness of drainage systems, determining safe rates for fill placement and ensuring slope stability etc. Multi level VW Piezometers can be used in series to monitor pore pressure at multiple zones or soil strata. VW Piezometers can be attached to the data logger and may be monitored remotely.

    Settlement Cells: By using settlement cells, we can measure the vertical deformation in soil. This helps engineer to verify soil consolidation as plan, to correct or verify the rate of foundation loading, to verify the performance of engineering design and to determine the need and timing for corrective measures etc. Multi level settlement cells may be used to find the settlement among different zones or soil strata. Settlement Cells can be attached to the data logger and may be monitored remotely.

    Slope Inclinometers: Slope inclinometers are used to monitor the lateral/subsurface deformations. This helps engineers to evaluate the stability of slopes/embankments, also performance and safety of structures can be verified. A special purpose, grooved pipe is installed in the borehole that passes through suspected zones of movement. Slope inclinometers are installed at toe/accessible places to get the manual readings.

    In-Place Inclinometers: The mechanism of Slope Inclinometers and In-Place Inclinometers is same except that In-Place Inclinometer systems are used when continues monitoring is required for construction or safety. The system may consist of one or more dedicated sensors connected to data logger, hence can be monitored remotely.

    Shape Accel Array (SAA): SAA is consisting of tri-axial MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) gravity sensors. It can be used vertically to track magnitude and direction of lateral deformation and horizontally to track vertical deformation or settlement.

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